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State-of-the-Art DJ Equipment

Second to None Entertainment brings the absolute best sound and lighting equipment to your event!  Our music equipment is second to none, we spare no expense when it comes to our tools of the trade.  All of our DJ systems are comprised of professional components. We use absolutely no consumer (home) grade equipment. All systems are neatly installed in clean, attractive cases. Our setup is compact and all cables are hidden from view.  Each sound system is thoroughly maintained and tested on a weekly basis. 

Second to None Entertainment invests in the most up-to-date, reliable and proven DJ technology in the business so we can give our clients the best music at their events.   Our DJ’s Perform using the latest MP3 software, allowing us ultimate control and access to our enormous music libraries.  We are constantly keeping equipment upgraded to ensure that you will be provided with the best sound and lighting possible.

Whether your event is for 30 people or 1,000 people,  we can custom fit and provide the highest quality sound system perfectly suited for your venue and audience.  Can any company actually claim to offer a premium level of service if they try to sell their clients on the idea that they can use the same equipment set-up for every event regardless of the size of the room, acoustics, number of guests, etc?  You know the answer.  Yet, many DJ companies try to do just that.  

High quality equipment allows guests to appreciate and enjoy the music.  In contrast, lesser quality gear brings a host of issues like fuzzy sound and equipment malfunctions just to name a few.

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